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Ram – Paul and Linda McCartney

12th April 2017

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There are some albums that are you just have to hear, whether it’s for the musicianship, songwriting or just the feeling the album gives you. We’ve asked our tutors for their ‘must listens’.

This one comes from BIMM Dublin Bass Tutor, Keith Farrell

Ram – Paul & Linda McCartney

“It has to be Ram by Paul and Linda McCartney. It is just pure song craft, musicianship and arrangement at its finest. It would easily surpass many Beatles albums for sheer quality or writing playing and production. The album has it all as a record, including laughter and tears, stomping grooves and gentle dynamic touches, with the abstract and beautiful mind of McCartney at the helm.

It’s also amazing hearing Paul produce himself so soon after the Beatles to great effect. He is a modern day Mozart and Ram is possibly one of the greatest albums of all time to my mind…. definitely his finest!!! Just saying is all!”



Sarah-Louise Burns

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