Ralph Rolle

26th November 2016

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Hailing from The Bronx, New York and with over 3 decades of professional experience, Ralph Rolle is a highly sort after drummer and producer. Performing and recording with such artists as Nile Rodgers and Chic, Sting, Biggie Smalls, Aretha Franklin, John Legend and Erykah Badu how could he be anything less. 

Ralph held an incredible Masterclass on Thursday evening for our students at BIMM London. Kicking the Masterclass off with his rendition of ‘Thunder Rain’, a song written by Richie Hilton, Chic and Nile Rogers Keyboard player. The song showcased Rolle’s extensive playing technique, really highlighting why he has earned such huge success.

The main focus point of Ralph’s masterclass was to teach the students how to get and keep a gig. He spoke in depth about his childhood, as a self-taught musician and his influences, which include Steve Gadd, Harry Vaughn and Sammy Davis Jr.

Ralph also explained the importance of being reliable and being without a ‘but’ at the end of your name, having the right things when you walk into a room and remembering to serve the music more than serving yourself. Ralph revolves himself around what he likes to call the 5 P’s – Passion, Power, Placement, Performance and Purity.

When asked what his greatest achievement to date is Ralph replied ‘Getting paid to do what I love’.
Ralph finished off the Masterclass with his own rendition of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’. He even managed to get the students out of their seats to dance and sing the BV Lines!



Lucy Evers

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