18th October 2017

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After their first year in BIMM London, ambient pop duo Adrian Cermak and Adam Pavlovcin (aka PACE) have just finished their debut EP “Keeper”. 

At seven tracks in length, the EP is a collection of heartfelt down-tempo alternative dream-pop that deserves to reach as large an audience as possible – which is exactly why the band need your help.

Last week, PACE launched a kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds necessary for the record release, including mixing, mastering, artwork and promotion.

Of course, you’ll be wondering why you should part with your hard earned cash to fund such a project.

So, here’a a little taste of the sort of material you can expect from the EP.


Like what you see/hear? Then did deep people! These guys still have a way to go before meeting their target and there’s less than a week left to pledge!

Check out the full campaign details via the link below.



James Watts

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