Interview With BIMM Hamburg’s new College Manager

9th April 2018



It’s a little over six months until our brand new college, BIMM Hamburg, opens for business and things are starting to get very exciting! We’ve just welcomed Sarah Kucher on board as BIMM Hamburg’s new College Manager, and in order to get to know her better, we’ve asked her a few questions about her life, background, Hamburg as a city… and our new BIMM college, of course!

Tell us about yourself and your background in music

I was born in Miami but grew up in Hamburg. I played the bassoon in a classical orchestra and started dancing when I was fairly young. I left the orchestra but stuck with the dancing for the most part. Music has always been my passion, so it was no surprise to anyone when I decided to open my own venue after having worked for an event agency for a couple of years. I was 21 at that time and it was probably one of the biggest challenges of my life – but also incredibly rewarding. After that, I worked in a variety of fields, including advertising, live music and the event industry. In 2014, I embarked on a world trip, which brought me to New Orleans – one of the music capitals of the world. I lived and worked there for almost two years, before eventually returning to Hamburg and working for BIMM.

What kind of music are you into?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I really like old school punk and indie rock – most kinds of guitar-driven music really – but I also love soul and I still have a big place in my heart for classical music.

What are you most looking forward to with the launch of BIMM Hamburg in October?

The students. I can’t wait to see them come through the door, get to know them and watch them grow as people and young guns in the industry. This is going to be a very exciting time in their lives. I’m honoured to be part of that and will do everything I can to support them.

What do you think the new students are going to love most about studying at BIMM Hamburg?

I think one of the most amazing aspects of living in Hamburg is that everything is so accessible and the people here are very connected with one another. It’s a big city but once you’ve gotten to know a few people, it feels like a small town. This makes it a less terrifying place to move to than many other big cities.

The Bunker was recently announced as BIMM Hamburg’s new home. Why do you think it’s such a good fit?

The Bunker provides the perfect environment for our students for a myriad of reasons really… but the most important ones, in my opinion, are: 1) the location, as it’s in the middle of the city’s coolest hangout spots, and 2) all the building’s other tenants are in the creative industry, presenting great networking opportunities for our students.

What do you suggest our new students check out in Hamburg when they start their studies with us?

Hamburger Berg’ is a street in the St. Pauli district which has lots of bars and can lead to fun nights out. If you’re into dancing to all sorts of music, Grüner Jäger, which is close to the Bunker, has quite a few cool parties too. If you’re looking for a gig, you should definitely check out Nochtspeicher and Molotow.

What music did you listen to this morning?

Sound of Sinning’ by The Monophonics.

For more information about studying at BIMM Hamburg, order a prospectus or contact our Admissions Team on +49 303 11 99 186 or by email at hamburg@bimm-institute.de





Lucy Donovan

Lucy is the In-House PR and Marketing Manager based over at BIMM Berlin and makes sure that all of the exciting things that happen out there get talked about.