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How to take care of your Vinyl Collection?

18th April 2017

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We know how sentimental vinyl records can be. They are often something passed on through families or collected by music lovers. So we thought what better than top tips, from people in the know, about how to store your record collection.

#1. Keep them Vertical

Vinyl records are best stored standing up as it prevents the vinyl from warping.

#2. Keep them cool and dry

Humidity can damage your records, affecting their ability to spin easily.

#3. Keep them in their sleeves

They are best kept in the original sleeves as it protects them from dirt and dust.

#4. Keep away from water

Tap water has minerals that can damage the grooves. If they do need cleaning, use specifically made solution.

#5. Keep them safe

Find a good container suitable or tailored to vinyl records.


We hope this helps and that it helps you to love your vinyl collection for a little longer.



Lucy Evers

As an ex-student of BIMM Brighton and a Vocalist in a Math Pop band Orchards, Lucy has an overview of the student experience that applies to you all. Lucy’s passions for music, journalism and photography all coincide here to showcase; live shows, top tips to living a student lifestyle and the general beauty of the city you live in. She wants you to get a down to earth overview of your BIMM student experience.