BIMM Live Manchester: Animal Sons

13th June 2017

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How did the band form?

I (Shamyra) posted about needing a guitarist for a cover of Alanis Morisette for an LPW assessment, and Mike replied! We got on really well and just decided to start writing songs together. I had also met Liam and Jake through playing with them in other bands. Liam and I were in LPW together in first year, we’d never really spoken but I thought he was a brilliant, so when we were looking for a drummer he was our first choice. Then Jake came highly recommended by Liam!

Favourite gig you’ve played so far?

Our sold out debut gig at Soup Kitchen has to be up there, but also Dot to Dot was such an amazing opportunity and to have so many people in the room that we didn’t know was such a good feeling!

Highlight of your three years?

As cheesy as it sounds meeting each other and forming the band, it’s definitely been the best thing we’ve got out of coming to BIMM.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play/DJ at BIMM Live?

Definitely Jake Pattinson and Megan Dixon Hood, they’re good friends of ours and we really love their music.

What can people expect from your set at BIMM Live?

Dank dank riffs.

What was the best piece of advice you learnt from BIMM?

Try everything at least once!



Sarah-Louise Burns

After studying Ba(Hons) Photography, Sarah has worked in Social Media Marketing since 2013 - she's now part of the BIMM Social Media Team, and is photographer for the Who, What, Why series.