BIMM Live Dublin: Meet Munky

5th June 2017

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How did the band form?

(Zac) Conor and I bonded in college over our love of Foo Fighters and Chic. We eloped briefly in 3rd year, against our parents wishes. He was the son of a goat herder and I was the eldest daughter of the Marquess of Dudley. Our romance was hard and fast, soon there was nothing but ashes where once the fires danced bright and wild for all to see. We separated on good terms shortly after, agreeing that we would stay in the band together so that we didn’t upset our adopted son Sam, who turned out to be a great drummer. We found Niall by leaving a train of Tesco cans which led to our rehearsal space. He arrived hammered and attempted to play the bass by shouting abuse at it. He’s been with us ever since.

Favourite gig so far?

(Conor) Either our whelans gig or playing the acdemy. Both were loads of fun…but if i had to pick one it would have to be whelans. The response we got there was amazing.

(Zac) In my first year, we had to prepare a creative cover of a song to play in class. I was adamant we had to cover ‘Summer Nights’, except turn it into a dark post-punk rollercoaster It just so happened that as we were about to play our version to the class, the president of Ireland Mickey D. Higgins had come into our class to check it out, he had been doing the rounds of BIMM, giving it his presidential blessing for whatever reason.

We started the song slow and melancholic, singing the melody low over minor chords. The lyrics of ‘Summer Nights’ give off a very different impression when played in this Joy Division/Sonic Youth sort of style. I basically learnt one verse and then just repeated the lines “Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight” while the rest of the band ramped up the intensity, poor Michael was bewildered.
After I had finished screaming these violent and misogynistic lyrics at our cute little president, he gave a slow, lifeless clap. Confused and horrified he made tracks to get far away from our classroom and we all burst into laughter.

So yea in short the highlight of my four years at BIMM was when I spooked Michael D. Higgins.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play/DJ at BIMM Live?

Oooh we’ll were buzzing to see quite a few bands at BIMM Live. Be Curious, Kid are gonna be lethal, expect to witness a well oiled machine deliver some fresh eargasims. Also we we’re raging we missed the Emulators show a few weeks back, they play video game theme songs with the visual projected behind them.
Also gotta mention The Fontaines. These are some of the slickest lads in town.

What can people expect from our bimm live set?

(Conor) Bears…i mean beard…lots of beard…maybe some bears too. 😀

What was the best piece of advice you learnt from BIMM?

(Zac) The best thing I learnt in BIMM is to just play to your strengths and find others who compliment them. A good song is not 3 minutes of highly technical guitar playing or complicated chords or powerful vocals. Its music, not a dick swinging contest. As a group play with each other as a unit, consider the sound that is produced from all four of you, not just your individual parts. As a singer and songwriter it doesn’t matter if you’re as dynamic as Adele or as clever as Dylan, it’s about expressing yourself in whatever way suits your mind and voice best. If that means writing a song about being a Belgian waffle in a covert operation disguised as a chicken then by all means go for it as long as it comes from the heart.



Sarah-Louise Burns

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