All Tvvins + Safe To Swim

23rd October 2016

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Tuesday Night: always a task to pull a crowd but The Hope and Ruin was housing such a marvellous show that it was impossible not to be drawn in.

Dublin boys, All Tvvins, are heading off on tour and have chosen lovely Brighton as their starting point. Their twinkly guitars, piercing vocals and driven drums leave a sharp and inviting taste in your mouth. They straddle the line of alternative pop marvellously! Having heard a lot of their album before it was like a live playlist for me – and they delivered each song note perfect. Clean and impressive. The drummer kept each song rooted as the guitarist and vocalist danced over the surface. If U2 had formed in 2014 these guys would be their double!

But Brighton based Safe to Swim were the lads I was super excited to see! The jerky movements of front man Jim paired with his gravel filled, pop tone vocals give the band this nonchalant ‘we are too good for this’ vibe. Which works beautifully with their grunge heavy pop instrumentals. George’s harmonies were on point, and they gave such depth to the early 20’s angst of Jim’s lyrics! Drummer Joe keeps a steady but ever so relaxed beat behind the dense layers of guitar, keys, and vocals.

The two bands complimented each other and created a lively and contemporary environment to the whole evening. I could imagine the two working well together on future gigs.



Lucy Evers

As an ex-student of BIMM Brighton and a Vocalist in a Math Pop band Orchards, Lucy has an overview of the student experience that applies to you all. Lucy’s passions for music, journalism and photography all coincide here to showcase; live shows, top tips to living a student lifestyle and the general beauty of the city you live in. She wants you to get a down to earth overview of your BIMM student experience.