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A Night Out in Hamburg

7th November 2017

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Hamburg is a beautiful harbour city with so much to see and do. But with so many options to choose from, when it comes to a night out on the town, how do you know where to start? Well, don’t worry – we’ve done the hard work for you, so all you have to do is get your dancing shoes on and head out into the night!

The red light/party district St.Pauli (where BIMM Hamburg is located), with its famous street Reeperbahn, is a great place to start.

Reeperbahn (photo source:

The Reeperbahn area has lots to offer: bars, theatres, venues with adult entertainment, musicals, markets and, of course, clubs. Directly on the Reeperbahn, there are three clubs definitely worth mentioning: Molotow, Moondoo and Mojo Club. These three each have their own niche when it comes to music and audiences, while being reliable spots for a great night out. Molotow is where to go for a night of indie and rock. Founded in 1990, it hosts several venues under one roof, with many cool indie concerts and parties where you can dance the night away. But if you’re more the dress-up type who likes modern pop and house, you should get in line for Moondoo. Another legendary venue is the Mojo Club. Like its sibling, Molotow, it was founded way back (in 1989). It has recently been relocated and its new home is an amazing subterranean venue that has an incredible sound system and the absolute best dance floor in Hamburg. If you like electronic jazz and funk with a hint of soul, this is definitely your go-to!

Next let’s take a walk from the harbour all the way up to the district of Sternschanze – or, as the locals call it, Schanze. The harbour area is not just pretty, it’s also the home of Hafenklang and Golden Pudel Club.

Hafenklang (photo source: Hafenklang Facebook page)

The Hafenklang is famous for its many punk rock shows, as well as some of Hamburg’s most brilliant Northern Soul parties. Different vibes are to be expected over at Golem and Golden Pudel Club; both offer a much more electronic-oriented sound. While Golem is also a pretty bar with an ambitious menu, the Pudel is a cool urban club. It burnt down a few years ago, but has recently re-opened again this summer. If you like these types of clubs, it might also be worth a little trip further along the Elbe River to another interesting location called Moloch.

Walking away from the harbour towards Schanze, you’ll cross a square called Hans-Albers-Platz. It’s named after the local singer and actor Hans Albers who gained most of his fame in the 1930s to 1950s. On and around this square you’ll find lots of bars playing all types of music … as well as lots of people who’ve possibly had a bit too much to drink. They’ve probably been at 20 Flight Rock, the Home of Burlesque, a local Irish pub, or over to Große Freiheit street.

Hamburger Berg (photo source: mit Vergnügen de)

It may not look like much but wait until nightfall to visit the tiny street of Hamburger Berg – which probably offers the most variety in music and most eclectic mix of people in all of Hamburg. If you like punk and metal, then go to Lunacy. If you’re feeling more like a good mix of chart music then Roschinsky’s is your place to be. The most important thing to know about this street is that its bars open in the early evening and close again in the early morning… and most of them don’t even charge a cover fee! It’s what you’d call a students’ paradise!

Waagenbau (Photo Source: Waagenbau facebook page)

Last party-stop for now: Schanze! Although it’s only a 15-minute walk to Schanze proper, you’ll pass many places where you can get a beer to go, a bite to eat or maybe even take a break in one of the many cool bars or cafes, so if you feel like a pit stop, everything is there ready for you and open late. Once you arrive, head to Grüner JägerUebel&Gefährlich in the old WWII bunker, and Waagenbau, located in an old vault-esque factory where they used to build compartments.

Fischauktionshalle (Photo Source:

After a long fun night like this, there’s only one place left for you to go: Fischmarkt (fish market). Buy yourself some fresh fish, fruits or even a new pet, before you finally put your exhausted body where it belongs: to bed.



Sarah Kucher

Sarah is a Hamburg resident and music-lover since 1984.